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This is to remind everyone to be thankful for the lives they have; the comfort and freedom they enjoy in our country. To remember those who chose a higher calling; to serve a greater purpose. If the Lord had dealt you a different hand in life, you could have very well been on this roster. Believe that for every American that does not join; does not serve; someone else takes their place. That someone could be a total stranger, or a neighbor, or a loved one. But know this...that it was someones brother, sister, son or daughter; someones mother or their father, a wife, a husband. Remember it could have been you the next time you feel sorry for yourself; and be thankful. Know there are scars on the inside that do not show, and are just as disabling as the wounds of the flesh. Never pass by the chance to thank those who gave in your place, and realize the pain they carry on the inside may be unknown to you. Never forget those who suffered so you did not have too, and that they leave their memories here at home in the hearts of those who knew them and loved them, and that they are not simply faces and names on a list. they are you, and I.

"From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition; And gentlemen in England now-a-bed Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day."
William Shakespeare, St. Crispen's Day Speech HENRY V C. 1599

The Fallen Of The 4th Battalion 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division....My Brothers. When life seems to stressful, you feel lost inside, and are caught up with the troubles of life in America, stop, breath....and remember those who no longer feel the struggles that are a part of everyday life, and their families and the fellow brothers and sisters in uniform, and say a prayer of hope. "Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, because the Lord holds his hand." PSALM 37:24 ..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Matters Most (My Best Friend)

I’ve lived my life as best as I know how,
Sometimes right, sometimes wrong; and for regrets it’s far to late now.

I’ve seen sunny days I hoped would never end, when the world was at my feet,
Now the rain has come, this storm of life, I’m not ready to give up, to lie in eternal sleep.

Dreams yet realized, sights still left to behold,
I still have enough living in me to last me ‘til I’m old.

Should the Lord see fit, to end this life and take my breath away,
I’ll simply ask for one more day Lord, one final chance for the many things yet to say.

I can accept if my time has come, with some sadness in my heart,
That some things will remain undone, some dreams are just to far.

There is one thing that breaks my heart, and brings about my tears,
I wont be there for those I love, no longer to hold them near.

My voice that will be silent, my words no longer felt,
My smile just a memory, my love no longer given out.

I’d hoped to watch my babies grow, to give my Kailee-bug away,
To see her smile, and love in her heart, upon her wedding day.

To see Cody-boy become a man, a family of his own some day,
To give advice, when life is tough, and guide him in a father’s special way.

Above all else to say “I love you” to those who I hold dear,
To be there for a laugh, a smile, or to wipe away a tear.

In the good times and the bad, through the thick and through the thin,
I’ve measured not my success from my place in this world, but on the love I have from friends.

Some have passed, far to young, but a chosen few remain to help me up on my way down,
A simple look, a few choice words, or just a hug and a smile to chase away my frown.

Every one has touched my heart, and helped to make me who I am,
I’ve loved and lost through out my life, yet there’s still this man.

My greatest friend I’ve loved so deep, since the day we met,
Has stood firm despite her tears, and the weight upon her chest.

Through peaks and valleys in our lives, she’s done her very best,
To stand by me, and asks no more, than honor, caring and respect.

I’ve not done well at giving her these things she’s gave to me,
I break my word, put her through hell, her self I never let her be.

To you , I wish I had the chance to make things right,
To start anew and hurt you by no means, to have never had a fight.

I’m here today, through the grace of God, and the love I have from you,
I’m stronger, better, and less afraid because you’ve helped me through.

You never quit, no matter the pain, I’ve brought into your life.
Thanks to you; your love and care, through my stinging tears, I believe my life wont end tonight.

You never asked for me to bear my soul, to place my pain on you,
You’ve stood there while I sought my comfort in dragging you down too.

I know it’s hard to have to live knowing how I hurt,
To be my friend, feeling helpless, depressed and unable to make it work.

Inside my soul there’s still a light, that sparkles due to hope,
It carries me through these trying days; fights back fear and sorrow; it’s what helps me cope.

Thanks to God and all his grace, and to no small part to you,
Ill stand back up, from falling down, and start all my days to come anew.

When times are hard and I wanna quit, you’re there to lend a hand,
I’m gonna give you all I’ve got, honor you, and take this final stand.

Ill not give up, I will be strong. With faith and true belief,
That I will live and be there for you, in twenty years should YOU one day have grief.

You didn’t only save my life you helped make my life worth saving, and ill fight with all I’ve got,
So that you may never feel the pain of seeing me fade away; dying young, and living with that thought.

I cant go yet into the heavens, for I have a debt to pay,
I owe you, what you’ve done for me, and so tonight I pray.

That God will give me the time, to be a better friend to you,
In easy times and in the bad, ill make this vow stay true.

I’ll not give up or leave your side, I’ll be the friend you seek,
Nor will I take the easy path, just because it is best for me.

I feel that I have known you, for all of my life it seems,
All I’ve got to give you now, is my friendship for the rest of my life, and everything that means.

Tonight before God and you, I say thank you for being my friend,
And when the Lord calls me home, I’ll smile and not be sad, cause there was you in my life up until the very end…

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